Public Health

The concept of the word “Health” involves the absence of diseases as well as of the factors which might cause psychological or other issues and affect a person’s mood and comfort in a negative way.

The purpose and primary goal of the Public Health Services is to constantly protect and upgrade the Health of the public as well as to promote awareness around proper hygiene and environmental behaviour.

In order to safeguard public health in our town, the Public Health Services are responsible for the following:

1. Inspection of all the premises in which foodstuffs are made, sold and managed.
Inspections are carried out at Hotels, Restaurants, Taverns, Pubs, Cafes, Take Away places, Dance Clubs, Cabarets, Discos, Supermarkets, Newsagents – Mini markets, Coffee Houses etc, to check the health conditions at these premises and whether the Principles of the Food Safety System (HACCP) are being implemented.

2. Inspection of all premises involved with private and personal hygiene.
Inspections are carried out at hair Salons, Barber Shops, Beauty Parlours, Gyms etc, in order to see whether the health safety conditions provided by Law are complied with.

3. Inspection of building permits.
The files of the Municipality’s Technical Services for the issue of building permits are inspected, regarding the public health facilities, drains and the arrangement of foodstuff preparation premises in relation to places of hygiene, ventilation, lighting etc.

4. Inspection of Public Water Pools
The Public Water Pools are inspected in order to see whether their facilities comply with the Health Terms and Conditions, whether they have proper means of rescue, fully equipped first aid kit, notice board bearing the water acidity (PH), chloride and temperature measurements, qualified life guard and a person knowledgeable on first aid.

5. Fighting harmful insects and rodents.
A special crew deals with spraying mosquito, cockroach, flea and fly sites, while campaigns are being carried out in order to place traps for rodents.

6. Examination of complaints made by the residents concerning nuisance.
The Public Health Services visit the sites, in order to examine the residents’ complaints concerning nuisance caused by sewage drains, pets, fumes and bad odours etc.

7. Issue of health Certificates to people employed at foodstuff premises or personal hygiene premises.

8. Control of the street vendors.

9. Inspection of the Municipality’s Water Provision.
The city’s potable water sources and storage tanks are inspected, samples for microbiological and chemical analyses are taken and the proper chlorination and good quality of the water is observed.

10. Inspection and Application of the Legislation concerning Smoking in public places.

11. Inspection of the sea water quality and the criteria for the participation in the Blue Flag programme.
Since the institution of the Blue Flag has been introduced, the Municipality of Paphos was originally participating with three award winning beaches and now with six. Furthermore, samples of sea water at beaches are taken every 15 days.

12. Participation in the European Programme “Healthy City”.

13. Organisation of educational seminars for the training of people working in Tourism.

Applicable Legislations:

1.   a. The Food (Control and Sale) Law 1996-2001.
b. The Hygiene and Official Control of Foodstuffs Regulations 2001.
c. Harmonised Legislation regarding Foodstuffs applicable since 6th April 2002.
2.   The Health Protection Law 2002 (Smoking Control).
3.   The Water Quality Law 2001.
4.   a. The Public Water Pools Law 1992-1996
b. The Public Water Pools Regulations1996.
5.   The Animal Protection and Welfare Law 1994-2001.
6.   The Public Roads and Spaces Pollution Prevention Law (L19( Ι )/92).
7.   The Municipalities Law 111/1985.

The Officers of the Public Health Services have been authorised by the City Council to report the following offences:

1.   The Public Roads and Spaces Pollution Prevention Law (L19( Ι )/92).
2.   The Canine Law 184 ( Ι )/2002.
3.   The Municipalities Law 111/85.
4.   The Licence to Sell Alcoholic Beverages Law (Cap.144).
5.   The Saving Water (Special Measures) Law (L.1/91).

Communication with the Public Health Services
Telephones: 26937218 – 99420663 – 99401145.
Fax: 26951397

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