A green and clean city is of the utmost importance and immediate priority for the new Municipal Council of Pafos. The formation of a Special Committee of the Municipal Council for green issues and the reinforcement of the service, both with personnel and in equipment, showed from the beginning the intentions and objectives of the Local Authority.

Adopting a new philosophy that wants open green spaces aesthetically pleasing and easily accessible to the public, the Municipality went in 2007 and 2008 in a series of specific interventions where the main targets were beautification, enrichment and usability. At the same time, it hired personnel to respond in the best possible way to the increased needs.

Briefly, the most significant and indicative interventions in the green were:
-The emergence of the environment around « District Officer’s Residence » and the creation of «Botanical Garden».
-The emergence of green space in front of the Town Hall and of the island between 28th of October and Kosti Palama squares.
-The embellishment of the grove Elias and Augusta Malioti.
-The beautification and the renewal of green islands in central parts of the city with implant grass and placement of flowers.
- Upgrading and enriching Ayias Napas Park in the tourist area.
-The creation of green open space in the Municipal Market .
-The enrichment and expansion of green areas in all regions of the city, by making small but dense and stylish interventions.
-The constant preservation, enrichment and renewal of existing parks and green areas.

Main activities of the Green Service

  1. Maintenance and embellishment of existing green areas
  2. Design and creation of new green areas
  3. Planting and maintenance of road islands and roundabouts
  4. Planting and maintenance of trees on sidewalks
  5. Maintaining and improving of green spaces in parking places
  6. Creation of playgrounds, installations and maintenance of toys in parks
  7. Plants’ nursery operation to meet the needs of the Green Service
  8. Organizing and carrying out plantation of trees with clubs, associations, foundations, schools and adoption of green spaces from them

Planting and maintenance of trees on sidewalks 
The planting of trees on public sidewalk is a responsibility of the municipality. The Municipality during the planting of trees on sidewalks takes into account some important factors such as the movement of pedestrians and people with disabilities and complies with regulations on allowable tree species. The service responds positively to any request of citizens to plant a tree outside their house, provided that they will follow the suggestions regarding the permitted species of trees and that they will water and protect the tree. In no case shall the pruning or felling of any tree in a public place be allowed without the consent of the municipality.

Installation and maintenance of toys in parks
The aim of the municipality is the embellishment of green spaces and the creation of playgrounds. In recent years new games placed on playgrounds meet the relevant European safety standards. Where there is potential space football, Basketball and volleyball playgrounds are created.

Tree planting and adoption of green spaces
Often the Municipality organizes tree planting in cooperation with associations, unions, foundations, schools and gives the opportunity for of these green spaces. This is a voluntary offer for groups wishing to undertake the maintenance and care of green spaces according to the suggestions and in cooperation with the Green Service.

Within the borders of the Municipality there exist more than 400 parks and green areas, the main ones being:

Public Garden
Municipal Park «Dasoudi»
District Officer’s Residence – Botanical Garden
Elias and Augusta Malioti’s grove
Ahmed Rashid Park
Green space by the  St. Athanasius street until the Eleftherios Venizelos Avenue
« Green and Cleanliness Committee» Park on Alexandroupolis road
«CYTA» Park onto Chios street
«Evangelos Florakis» Park on Europe Avenue
Green space onto Northern Epirus street
Green space on the road Nikiforos Lytras
Park onto Piraeus street
Green space onto Volos street
Park onto Lausanne street
Park onto Ithaci street
Green space onto Kavala street
Green space between the road Patmos and Skiathos
Green space onto King Constantine I street
Green space onto St. Spyridon street
Green space onto Nikos Evagorou street
Park onto Stelios Tritaiou street
Park onto Pericles street
Send Paul Park church street
Park onto Imparchim Kiazim street
Park onto New Synoikias street
Park onto Lapithou street
Park on the Byron road
Park St. Theodosius
Kato Paphos
Park Ayia Napa
Green space on the Pelapaisiou road
Green space on the Alamanas road
Green space onto Nicholas H. Tsadioti street
Park newspaper “Options of Paphos” on Avenue Taxiarhes
Green space on the road Yannos Kranidiotis
Pesonton Katadromeon Park in Europe Avenue
Green space on Aisopou street
Green space in Diagorou street
LIONS Club green space onto Melina Mercouri street
Green space on Othellou street
Park onto Othellou street
Green space on Andromache street
Green space onto Agiou Agapitikou street
Park onto Angelos Sikelianos street
Rotarakt group Park in Europe Avenue

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Fax: 26934762

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